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An Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

The Heart Of England
Goring Gap
An Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
From Deep Dark Brum
Look! It's The Folks
Gizzus A Song Then
One More Dance and Then....
Band Aid/Live Aid
To Our Children's Children's Children.
Half Your Angels
Are You Sitting Comfortably...?
The Magic Roundabout
Doctor Snuggles
The Fifth Doctor
Tall Ships and Others
Sunday Morning Colour Comics
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ORB: online reference book for medieval studies

The Beginnings Of England

Lindisfarne Gospel

by Asser Bishop of Sherborne

The Sermon Of The Wolf
To The English
 composed by Wulfstan II,
Archbishop of York and
Bishop Of Worcester
in approximately AD 1014
under the pseundonym Lupus
it is considered to be one of the
most important and powerful
sermons of the Anglo-Saxon world

The Intial Page of St. Luke's Gospel
The Lindisfarne Gospels

from the North East England Pages
history website

command of the written word,
in addition to a well-developed
oral tradition, was of tremendous
importance. this website shows
us the development of the written
word in Anglo-Saxon Britain.

Ohthere , fl. 880, Norse explorer.
His account of his voyage around
the North Cape, along Lapland, and
into the White Sea was incorporated
by Alfred the Great in the
 introduction to his Anglo-Saxon
translation of Orosius' universal
history and was requoted by
Hakluyt in his Principal Navigations.
Another voyage of Ohthere southward
along the Norwegian coast and to
Denmark furnished additional
information on the geography
of Northern Europe.

this remarkable set of pages
is to be found on the
Suffolk - Heritage, Coast
and Countryside website

a forum for composing
in Old English

The English Companions
the society for people interested
in all aspects of Anglo-Saxon
culture and language

repository of the
Lindifarne Gospels

thought to have been a Welsh
monk writing about Britain in the
5th century

an online course from the
University of Calgary, Canada

the great archeological dig
in England
the Anglo-Saxon royal cemetery
at Sutton Hoo, in Sufflok, England

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

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