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Doctor Snuggles

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Dreamy Boom Boom

You mustn't fight the elephant.You mustn't fight anybody.War is a very silly way to behave you know."
-Doctor Snuggles  to the Ant Army who is wanting to fight a near-sighted elephant that stepped on their tents.

Build Us A Clever Machine....

Doctor Snuggles and his talking umbrella

Kindly, bespectacled inventor Doctor Snuggles came to the world via a Dutch-based animation firm, but at heart, the good doctor was thoroughly British. Created by Jeffrey O'Kelly, Doctor Snuggles presented an eccentric, fantastic world where imagination could become reality. In this quaint, quiet hamlet, badgers, foxes and even backyard sheds could talk, and star-hopping rockets could be made entirely from wood.
The title character was a diminutive, balding man with a prominent middle (the better for cuddling), who hopped around his neighbouring woods on a custom-built pogo stick. The doctor always made time for friends like his lab assistant Dennis the Badger, housekeeper Miss Nettles, kindly Grannie Toots and her Cosmic Cat and Cat Hospital, mischievous Knobby the Mouse and his penchant for a cheese-making machine, and homemade robot Mathilda Junkbottom, but his heart lay in his one true calling: inventing. Working inside his living shed, Rickety Rick, Doctor Snuggles built contraptions like his rocket Dreamy Boom Boom and the Multi-Whereabouts Machine, a handy contraption for finding things.
Doctor Snuggles adventures took him everywhere from outer space to the Amazon, but his travels were nothing compared to those of the globetrotting Uncle Bill, another show regular. The tone of the series was always optimistic and sweet, but not everyone on Doctor Snuggles had such good intentions. The doctors chief nemesis was the wicked wizard Professor Emerald, but Snuggles also had to deal with the sneaky plots of Willie the Terrible Fox and his thick-witted henchman Charlie Rat.
With such an enormous cast of characters (and we havent even mentioned good witch Winnie Vinegar Bottle or Woogie the Freckled Camel), its surprising that they were all introduced in only 13 half-hour episodes.
Doctor Snuggles had a lasting impact on children around the world, but since the original run of shows, the doctors further adventures have been limited to picture books and such. The series continues to air in syndication in many parts of the world, and like the good optimist he is, Snuggles surely plans to return with brand-new episodes some day.
 The impact was not just on children, many, many adults remember
Doctor Snuggles, and it brings a quiet smile to their faces. Watching with children was alot of fun, watching it with children and adults was uproarious, one was never sure who was who, and it didn't really matter, what did matter was, we were all of us enthralled, beguiled, drawn in, to the magical world that was and is Doctor Snuggles.....and we really do hope that new episodes are forthcoming.
Enjoy all the pictures, enjoy all the links, and if this is your first encounter with the wonderfully eccentric doctor and his many friends....Welcome......

Dennis the Badger. Dr Snuggle's trusty assistant

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Miss Nettles. Doctor Snuggles' housekeeper.

Nobby"what about a cheese machine?" Mouse

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