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Goring Gap

The Heart Of England
Goring Gap
An Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
From Deep Dark Brum
Look! It's The Folks
Gizzus A Song Then
One More Dance and Then....
Band Aid/Live Aid
To Our Children's Children's Children.
Half Your Angels
Are You Sitting Comfortably...?
The Magic Roundabout
Doctor Snuggles
The Fifth Doctor
Tall Ships and Others
Sunday Morning Colour Comics
sHuT uP eCcLeS!..
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Goring Gap-on-Thames

an interesting geological feature
caused by the River Thames
breaking through the hills
and so making its way to
the sea east of London.
The river runs from
north to south here between
the Berkshire Downs and the Chilterns

all about this delightful area.
of England.
The website was originally created
as an individual enterprise by Mary Carr.
It has since been adopted by
the Goring Gap News, for whom
it is now maintained

the page on our
The Prospect Before Us website
dedicated to the people and places
along the River Thames.
the title comes from a song cycle
of the same name,
composed and performed by
Ashley Hutchings and Friends

 albion heart is
all rights reserved