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Gizzus A Song Then
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Music Folks

The Albion Band, Home Service.
fine, fine, solo work.
a vastly underated talent
olde wynnde bagge and
wynndebagge and the baggettes!?
still swanning after all these years
amazing voices blended together
into beautiful harmony
love the name!
a really great
English Country dance band too
Martin, Norma, Eliza....
well, you know who they are!

Fylde Folk

More Festivals

South Zeal, Okehampton
Devon, UK

Towersey, Oxfordshire, UK

Live at the Cambridge Folk Festival 1977/1987
BBC / Strange Fruit CAFECD002 CD,UK,1998

The Old Hat Concert Party
Old Hat Music OH1CD 2000

new victory band 1978
Backshift BASH CD47

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