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The Heart Of England : it makes you think
Albion Heart


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The record cover says it all, doesn't it? This is a VERY worthwhile cause, in a world full of worthwhile causes.The Trust has brought together just a few of Englands finest, and I do mean finest, musicians and singers. The record was launched on August 9th 2000, with well attended launch party at Record Savings in Banbury, Oxfordshire...that's in England, for the few who were asleep during geography classes....and we know who you are.....*Grin*.Anyway......go to The Trust Website and look at everything...and do the right thing, maybe even purchase a copy of the album, you're in for a real treat, with the likes of Chris While and Julie Matthews, Vikki Clayton, Dave Swarbrick, The Albion Band, Fairport Convention, Show Of Hands, Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy, entertain you, and, you never know, you might find yourself going out and buying more of what you hear. Above all, though, give The Teenage Cancer Trust a listen, and heed what they say, it just might save your life, or the life of someone you know and love.

Take Care Of One Another.

Chris Leslie of Fairport Convention and Simon Davies, CEO, Teenage Cancer Trust.

The Heart Of England

The village cross at Meriden, which marks the Centre of England.

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