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Birmingham Today


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Albion Heart


Well you do that then!....... Meanwhile, to the rest of you, welcome to the second Birmingham page. Though the picture to the left is of the old Handsworth townhall, this is Birmingham today, with links to everything that this living. vibrant city has to offer. As many of you may already know, The Birmingham Science Museum has moved to new and bigger quarters in Digbeth, visit, and visit often, our history is there, James Watt, Matthew Boulton, William Murdoch, and many, many more.
Now, do we have the finest symphony orchestra in the world?...Yes we do!...Visit them at their website, along with The Birmingham Royal Ballet, and......what would Birmingham be without The "Rep".....they've got a website too.......travelling?...Birmingham International Airport's website is the place to visit, and please be very quiet when you go passed the City Council Chambers, the guard gets a bit stroppy, especially, if he hasn't had his links to news, views, entertainment(The Brumbeat is of specially interest for those of us who are old enough to remember Go Now, by the original lineup of The Moody Blues)....and, before you say anything, Swarb may not have been born in Birmingham, but he grew up and did his apprenticeships here, so as far as we're concerned Swarb's a Brummie, along with....well the list's endless, we'll try to provide as many links as possible, plus links to everything else that makes up the picture that is Birmingham...go ahead, explore, see what we're all about........and ignore old whatisface in the corner, 'e's still sellabilgin'.....