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Brum Rocked!


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Albion Heart

An Open Ear On The Past


The title for this page is taken from the book, whose cover you see to the left of this text, a history of the music scene, in Birmingham, from the mid nineteen fifties to the mid nineteen sixties, and the influence it has had on the overall British music scene.
For the original inspiration for this page, thanks are due to John R, Woodhouse, whose incredible Brumbeat website is linked to below this text, the names linked, to the right, are a small sampling of the whole site(it's also featured on our Birmingham Today page, but we think it worth repeating here). Two other names will also be repeated here, those of Dave Swarbrick and Dave Pegg, but with different website links. Yes, there were other places, besides London, that produced great music, from the mid fifties to the mid sixties....This is one of 'em

a note: the link to The Moody Blues is not their current and very informative website, but to the incarnation of the band, that Birmingham knew. There's also a links page to the Moodies on this website, entitled To Our Children's Children's Children....."it's shameless self-promotion, I tell you, mate, shameless self-promotion".....oh hush!..and listen....


Recognise This Geezer?:)