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Albion Heart
Master and Commander
The Heart Of England
Goring Gap
A Second Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
From Deep Dark Brum I
Look! It's The Folks, They're Here Too!
The Folks Have Moved In Here As Well !
Band Aid/Live Aid
To Our Children's Children's Children.
Half Your Angels
Are You Sitting Comfortably...?
The Magic Roundabout
Doctor Snuggles
The Fifth Doctor
The Tardis
Tall Ships and Others
Master and Commander
Sunday Morning Colour Comics
sHuT uP eCcLeS!..
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Master and Commander. The Far Side of The World

- Jack Aubrey

Geoff Hunt's definitive image of The Surprise
H.M.S Surprise. artist: Geoff Hunt ©



a fascinating experience
bought to you by
the 24 Hour Museum

his publisher's website

at Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK

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Patrick O'Brian - 
given name: Richard Patrick Russ,
1914 - 2000
was the author of twenty books
detailing the naval and
terrestrial exploits of
Captain Jack Aubrey and
Doctor Stephen Maturin,
in a period from 1801 to 1815. 

Master and Commander. first published 1970